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PRP Hair Treatment

Effective PRP Hair Treatment by Dr. Manisha Mareddy, Leading Cosmetic Dermatologist

Hair loss can be a distressing issue for both men and women, leading to partial or complete baldness. If you are facing excessive hair fall or thinning, don’t fret. Seek the expert guidance of Dr. Manisha Mareddy, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist specializing in advanced hair loss treatments.

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Understanding Hair Loss:

Hair loss, also known as Alopecia, is a common concern affecting both men and women. Excessive hair shedding or thinning can lead to partial or complete baldness, impacting individuals as early as their 20s. Early intervention is essential.Dr. Manisha Mareddy advocates a holistic approach to identify the root cause and customize a personalized treatment plan for lasting results.

Comprehensive Hair Loss Diagnosis:

During your private consultation with Dr. Manisha Mareddy, she will carefully analyze your family history of balding, medical conditions, lifestyle habits, and nutritional status. Scalp imaging, along with blood investigations, may be recommended to assess the extent of hair loss and identify any hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies.

Tailored Hair Loss Treatment Options:

Dr. Manisha Mareddy offers a range of non-surgical hair fall treatments for both men and women. Her expertise includes the following modalities:

  1. PRP Hair Treatment: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a safe and non-surgical procedure that stimulates natural hair regrowth. Dr. Manisha Mareddy utilizes growth factors derived from your blood platelets to promote hair regrowth, improve hair volume, and minimize hair fall.
  2. Personalized Hair Care Regimen: For mild to moderate hair loss, Dr. Manisha Mareddy may recommend a specialized hair care routine comprising suitable products and helpful tips to combat hair fall.
  3. Oral Medications and Topical Applicants: Dr. Manisha Mareddy may prescribe oral medications like Finasteride or recommend peptide-based serums and Minoxidil for topical application to strengthen hair and improve density.
  4. Specialized Injections: For specific auto-immune hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata, Dr. Manisha Mareddy may administer specialized injections to targeted areas of the scalp.
  5. Dietary Advice: Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to temporary hair loss. Dr. Manisha Mareddy may prescribe essential supplements and dietary changes to combat hair loss effectively.

Understanding PRP Hair Treatment:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, offered by Dr. Manisha Mareddy, is an advanced method to treat patterned hair loss, hair thinning, and receding hairlines. The procedure involves a four-step process:

  1. Collection of Blood Sample: Dr. Manisha Mareddy will draw a blood sample from your arm.
  2. Separation of Platelets: The blood will be placed in a centrifuge machine to separate platelet-rich plasma, which contains growth factors essential for hair regrowth.
  3. Extraction and Activation of PRP: The PRP will be extracted from the blood and activated using an activating agent to enhance its regenerative properties.
  4. Insertion of PRP: Dr. Manisha Mareddy will safely inject the activated PRP into the affected areas of your scalp using microneedles, promoting natural hair regrowth.

Cost and Success of PRP Hair Treatment in India:

The average cost of PRP hair treatment in India varies between Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 15,000 per session across various hair clinics. The actual cost depends on factors such as the dermatologist’s experience, clinic reputation, quality of equipment used, and the number of sessions required.

Numerous studies worldwide indicate that PRP therapy is highly successful in treating hair loss, thinning hair, and pattern baldness. Visible results are usually noticeable after three months of the initial session, with a reduction in hair fall and visible hair regrowth.

Dr. Manisha Mareddy’s PRP Hair Treatment at Continental Hospitals is performed under sterile conditions, adhering to USFDA-approved safety protocols. The treatment is virtually pain-free, minimally invasive, and has no significant side effects.

hair regrowth treatment in kokapet hyderabad

Who Should Consider PRP Treatment by Dr. Manisha Mareddy?

If you suffer from patterned hair loss or androgenetic alopecia, Dr. Manisha Mareddy recommends PRP therapy after a comprehensive diagnosis. Both men and women over 18 years of age can benefit from this treatment.

Don’t let hair loss take a toll on your confidence. Consult Dr. Manisha Mareddy, a leading cosmetic dermatologist for effective PRP hair treatment. With her expertise and safe procedures, you can achieve natural hair regrowth and restore your scalp’s fullness. Don’t wait; schedule an appointment today and bid farewell to hair loss worries.

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