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Melasma Treatment

BEST Melasma Treatment in Hyderabad: Cost, Diagnosis & Procedure

Melasma is a persistent pigmentation disorder that affects the skin tone, often considered a sign of premature aging among adult women. However, timely treatment can effectively eliminate melasma and restore even-toned, rejuvenated skin. Dr. Manisha Mareddy, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist in Hyderabad offers advanced USFDA-approved treatments for melasma.

Melasma Treatment in kokapet hyderabad

Understanding Melasma:

Melasma manifests as brownish, blue, or grey patches, primarily on the face, and is more prevalent among women. It predominantly affects adult women and is associated with factors such as prolonged sun exposure, hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, menopause, or hypothyroidism, genetic predisposition, and darker skin tones. Harsh chemicals in skincare products can also exacerbate the condition. Without proper treatment, melasma can worsen over time, especially with regular sun exposure.

Types of Melasma:

Melasma can be categorized into three types based on the skin layers it affects:
  1. Epidermal Melasma: Affects the top-most layer of the skin.
  2. Dermal Melasma: Appears in the deeper layers of the skin.
  3. Mixed Melasma: The most common type, affecting both the dermis and the epidermis.

Melasma Treatment Options In Hyderabad

Dr. Manisha Mareddy specializes in providing effective melasma treatments tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The treatment process begins with a comprehensive consultation to assess the type, spread, and severity of melasma, as well as the underlying causes. The Wood’s Lamp method, which utilizes blue light, is employed to evaluate the melasma’s severity, and a biopsy may be performed if necessary.

Based on the assessment, Dr. Manisha Mareddy may recommend the following treatment options:

  1. Laser Treatment: This revolutionary USFDA-approved procedure utilizes Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology to target and break down melanin deposits in the deeper layers of the skin. Multiple sessions may be required based on the melasma’s severity.
  1. Chemical Peels: These advanced procedural treatments involve exfoliating the upper layers of the skin using USFDA-approved protocols and natural extracts like glycolic acid and kojic acid. Multiple sessions are typically necessary to achieve optimal results.
  1. Topical and Oral Medications: Various medications may be prescribed, including hydroquinone creams (2-4%), tretinoin for pigmentation clearance, creams and gels containing Vitamin C, glycolic acid, kojic acid, azelaic acid, as well as oral or topical forms of tranexamic acid to regulate hormones.
  1. Skin Hydration Boosters: Dr. Manisha Mareddy also recommends incorporating skin hydration boosters into the melasma treatment plan. These products help nourish and hydrate the skin, improving its overall health and appearance. Skin boosters are innovative injectables that improve skin texture, hydration, and overall appearance, providing a natural and radiant glow.

Expertise and Benefits of Choosing Dr. Manisha Mareddy:

Dr. Manisha Mareddy is a highly skilled dermatologist in Hyderabad with expertise in melasma treatment. She offers easily accessible modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. With a track record of successful melasma treatments, Dr. Manisha Mareddy and her team of dermatologists provide comprehensive solutions for various skin and hair concerns, ensuring guaranteed results.

Melasma Treatment in kokapet hyderabad

Prevention and Management:

Dr. Manisha Mareddy emphasizes the importance of preventive measures, such as using broad-spectrum sunscreen with high SPF to protect from UVA and UVB rays, following a good skincare routine to shield against environmental damage, pollutants, and dirt, and wearing hats or scarves to avoid sun exposure during peak hours.

While home remedies lack scientific data to support their efficacy and may irritate the skin, Dr. Manisha Mareddy’s medical intervention ensures appropriate treatments and successful results.

Choose Dr. Manisha Mareddy’s Cosmetic Dermatology clinic in hyderabad for expert melasma treatment and radiant, healthy skin. Take the first step towards a melasma-free future and schedule your consultation today!

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